TCNJ-The College of New Jersey-RD-CLASS OF 2025

Please pose your TCNJ 2025 application result here.

Application status (accepted/waitlist/rejected):

D received updated portal status email today at 4:22pm
3.79 UW
test optional

Was that for Regular or Early Decision?

My son also got the updated status today.
3.98 UW
Electrical Engineering

It is a regular decision.

EA if they had EA. Application was in by Nov. 1 regardless.

I will have to tell my daughter check her email and portal when she gets home…

Accepted RD today to interdisciplinary business , 4.5 WGPA, 32 ACT, $6k in merit


The 6k of merit scholarship is very high based on TCNJ - 2024 discussion thread.

Congratulations! Do you know when you completed your application by any chance?

My DD submitted early Nov when doing other schools with EA deadlines.

TCNJ doesn’t have EA.

My son checked the portal tonight.
Accepted, regular decision
SAT 1490 (740/740)
GPA 4.1 (?) Lots of honors and AP classes
Computer Science major
10,000 merit per year
Note: mom (me) is an alumnus, not sure if that factored in the award. We are in NJ, so qualify for in-state tuition.

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10K? Nice! Congrats!

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Wow that’s awesome. When did he apply? I’m just trying to see when I will get my answer cause I applied the end of November.

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Did anyone hear anything or get invited to apply for honors?

He applied in late November. He checked on the college portal last night to see his status.

I applied Jan 15. Any idea of when I should get a decision?

I know people who applied in Nov or Dec and heard back recently but I also know people who applied around the same time and haven’t heard back yet, so I am a bit perplexed as to how they release decisions. Anyone know anything about it?

It seems that TCNJ release their decision on the 20th of Feb. and Mar. based on the 2024 class discussion thread. Good luck for your application.

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Thank you!

In case you are interested, I received TCNJ Honor Program notification email today. The information also shared via the admission portal. I just don’t know what is the real benefit of the program aside from the assigned honor dorm. Please share if you have any experiences with TCNJ Honor program.

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