TCNJ - The College of New Jersey - RD - CLASS of 2026

Please pose your TCNJ 2026 application result here.

Application status (accepted/waitlist/rejected):

Starting this thread for regular decision. Looks like last year, decisions started to come out mid January.

They mail their decisions, correct? Not an update to the student’s portal?

No, decisions come through the portal in waves.

Thank you

3.7UW, 4.43W
Test Optional
Public Health.

Check your portals!!


Viewed in the portal…

Application status: Accepted
GPA: 4.0UW
SAT/ACT: no test scores
Major: Nursing
OOS (California)
6,000 merit scholarship

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GPA 97.5, SAT 1400
NJ - Mechanical Eng
Presidential Scholarship!

Accepted OOS 3000
GPA 3.7W SAT 1250 Education
3 years ago sister received 10000 with similar scores, Engineer

Anyone got their acceptances recently, just wanted to know when was the last wave release date, as we are still waiting for the decision

Check your portals!
My daughter just received her acceptance letter.

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Thanks!! Same here my daughter also got accepted yesterday. But any idea about when would we know about the scholarships if any

Accepted yesterday for in-state with $2k/year
GPA 3.8 UW, 4.3 W
SAT: 1520
Major: Computer Science

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My son was accepted in February from OOS. $3K merit. It’s his #1 choice right now.

anyone still waiting? Prob not a good sign :smirk:

Daughter still waiting for nursing. It was her first choice…we’ll see :smirk:

My daughter waiting for nursing also

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4.2 weighted GPA, top 20% of class, did not submit SAT, waitlisted for nursing.

my daughter waitlisted for nursing last night - was asked to consider another major a few weeks ago but stuck with nursing