Tcnj 'undeclared' major

Tcnj recently asked if daughter wants to go in for major ‘undeclared’. Does choosing undeclared improve acceptance chances?

I doubt it, I would assume that if you go in undeclared, that means they would be accepting you for all of there majors, basically saying you would need to qualify for all majors in that category, for example, if you were applying undeclared for a step major, they would probably accept you to all of them, then you would later choose.

Short answer. Yes.

Most likely whichever major your daughter originally declared interest in is full. That TCNJ is offering her admission as Undeclared means they want her, she’s an excellent candidate (and, let’s face it, a huge percentage of students change their major after a few semesters at college). I wouldn’t say admission is guaranteed under Undeclared but her chances are improved.

You should call Admissions and ask what internal transfer requirements your daughter would have to meet once she does declare a major. I do not agree with TCNJApp that your daughter would be able to transfer into any major she wants at a later date.

Quick question does TCNJ state on the admission letter what school you got accepted to?TIA

What major was your daughter applying for? My daughter got a similar email stating they were overwhelmed with nursing applicants and would she consider applying for arts and sciences.

@“ja;sldkjf” Do you have any proof for that claim? I have not been accepted yet and I got the same undeclared major option, and it must not be full because I applied months ago, if they wanted you that bad, they would accept you sooner rather than later. How could it improve your chances? You are saying that they want you, so your already going to get in. If anything, it makes your chances worse.

What I meant was, let’s say there are 50 applicants with 3.5 gpa and 1300 SAT applying for History. There are only 10 spots left because of ED admits and applicants with better stats. TCNJ has 50 smart applicants they don’t want to lose. 50 applicants with stats above the colleges average. (Also something like 20% of college students change their major after they are admitted.) What should the school do? Reject them? The school is offering students who may not be entirely committed to their stated major the opportunity to come to their preferred school. If TCNJ didn’t want you, you’d have been rejected by now. They are offering you another way in, not a guaranteed admittance, but another chance, if you really want to go there.