TCNJ vs Rutgers NB for Nursing

Can someone help with the positives and negatives of both nursing programs and schools in general? Accepted into both schools. TCNJ offered $4,000 merit. I would need to commute to either school if I attend. Thanks so much

Did you apply ED or RD? Still waiting to hear from TCNJ. Got into Rutgers but no merit for nursing (got $10k for SAS and Bio). 1470 SAT 101 GPA 6th in class.

No merit for Rutgers nursing. $4 for TCNJ. Applications sent in back in November.

So I talked to Rutgers admissions today and apparently they give merit to the top 20 nursing applicants. 20, that’s it. It’s crazy cause she got $10k for the other two Rutgers schools but 0 for nursing.

Did you call admissions at Rutgers? Was there a certain person you spoke to?

I left a message and an admissions counselor called back. She suggested commuting to keep the cost down. We love a little far for that.

@gingerspice40 - both are good programs RU is a little more of a pain if you commute would be my guess because of the parking. A advantage for the Rutgers program is they have a hospital as part of the university where TCNJ does not. My daughter was very good friends with a nursing major and she said he was always studying but he did well and landed a very good job when he graduated. I would ask you which one do you feel more confront able in a large school or a smaller school?

I graduated with my BSN from TCNJ in 1997. They had great relationships with a good number of local hospitals in both NJ and PA, all within a reasonable driving distance.