Teach For America - 2020 Corps

Hi! I haven’t seen a thread for 2020 applicants yet, and since the first round of applications have been sent in, I thought now would be a good time to start one!

I applied for this first round (apps due 9/13)–waiting to hear about an interview later this week!

Has anyone heard back about final interviews yet? I thought they were supposed to be posted by today? Thanks and good luck everyone.

Don’t know if anyone is following this, but I was invited to interview! My portal updated around 1:30pm EST and got an email at 3:50pm EST.

@TFA0128 Yes! I didn’t find out until a bit later in the day, though. Any news for you? :smiley:

Hi tfheyyy, I found out later in the day too. I also got an interview! I am very excited. Good luck! :slight_smile:

@TFA0128 Congrats! You too! Any ideas for your sample lesson? I’m thinking of doing reflexive verbs in Italian.

Ha, that sounds awesome. I am not too sure about my lesson plan.

This thread seems a lot less active that previous years.

I agree! I think it might be because we’re the first application cycle? From what I’ve seen it tends to pick up a bit more around the second or third. Though I’ve seen some that have posts from people who did early applications…who knows!

I was also accepted for an interview last week! Good luck to you both. I am hoping to get a lesson plan down in the next few days. Are you guys doing your interviews virtually or in person?

@TFA2020 Thanks! Good luck to you too! I’m doing mine in person in NYC. What about you?

@tfheyyyy I’m doing mine virtually! I can’t decide if that’s going to be better or worse, because I want to see other people’s lessons but I don’t want to compare myself haha. Are you hoping to get placed in NYC or somewhere else?

@TFA2020 NYC is on my list but isn’t my first choice; I’m hoping for Rhode Island, Philadelphia, or Boston (wishful thinking but I want to be prepared!). It’s just the closest interview location for me, since I go to school in upstate NY. I think I will be able to “read the room” better in person, which is why I wanted to do it that way! But I do wish I could use a powerpoint, haha. I did the webinar yesterday and they were saying that the interview groups are not competitive at all; if everyone is awesome they’ll take everyone, which is different than what I’ve seen on threads from past years. Where are you hoping to get placed?

Hey everyone! I also applied to the first round for the 2020 corps and got invited for a final interview. I’ll be doing my interview virtually, I’m pretty nervous about it.

@tfheyyyy I’m hoping for Boston! I have a special circumstance, my partner is in the military and has orders there once she gets back from deployment, but I am a little nervous that they won’t consider it because we aren’t married. I’m also going to put Rhode Island on my list though! I also wanted an in-person interview, I live in Southern California right now and I guess they didn’t end up holding them here.

@tfa0020 congratulations on getting your final interview! I’m nervous about it too, I am sure you will be great. Have you started planning your lesson yet?

@TFA2020 I think they’re pretty accommodating of special circumstances; I was talking to my recruiter about it because my partner and I are LGBT and were worried about being placed in places where we might be unsafe, and he was saying they’re pretty good about making sure people’s circumstances are accommodated. Maybe we’ll end up in Boston together!

@tfheyyyy Hey, me too! My partner and I are both lesbians. We’ll see how it goes but fingers crossed! Do you know what subject/grade you’re hoping for? Maybe wishful thinking but I would love to be able to be out to my students. Right now I’d love high school English/Journalism or History but I know that’s probably what many people want.

@TFA2020 Omg amazing! I’m bi and my partner is a trans guy! I’m also hoping for middle or high school English or history as well!

Did anyone do the webinar yet? I did it last night and I think it just made me more nervous for my interview tbh

Anyone else getting cold feet about their lesson plan? I feel like 5 minutes is just so little time!