Teacher Eval.

<p>I invited my teachers but one said I am not listed as one of his students. Do I have to assign him before he can begin the eval. or should I just re-invite him?</p>

<p>You need to re-invite him. It is not necessary to assign him to a school before he can start his recommendation.</p>

<p>my sch supplementary essays have words limit.what will happen if i exceed those limits</p>

<p>The common app form will accept words beyond the limit, but it will display a message that you have exceeded the limit. If you don’t revise your response to comply with the limit, the final version will be cut off. To see exactly what schools will see, before you submit to schools you can preview (and continue editing) during the submission phase. Preview is not possible until after you complete all required parts of the application.</p>

<p>what’s up with the last two comments?</p>

<p>Thank you very mch</p>

<p>You also might warn teachers to look in tgeir spam folder. At least one of my D’s recommenders found his invite there.</p>

<p>Thanks all I got it sorted out, the first time they “submitted” it idn’t ask for their electronic signature.</p>