Teacher Evaluations

<p>I have a few q's:</p>

<p>1.) After I have each teacher fill out the common app evaluation form, do I make copies of each form and send those into each college, or does every teacher have to fill out new forms for each college?</p>

<p>2.) I'm doing the common app online and I've noticed that all websites say something like, "If you complete the Common Application online, complete the XXXX Supplement online." This excludes the teacher evaluation and recommendation letters, right? Do I just mail those in with my payment?</p>

<p>Ahhhh so confused -_-</p>

<p>7 of the 8 schools I’m applying to use CommonApp, so after dwelling on it for quite a bit I just printed out (and signed the waiver question on) 7 forms per teacher who is doing an evaluation. And then my teacher can just print 7 copies of the typed recommendation letter. The thing is that once your teacher writes the evaluation, they put it in an envelope, and seal it, so you can’t make copies yourself anyways.</p>