Teacher Rec: AP Stats or Newspaper teacher?


<p>So I had a question that has been bothering me for quite some time.</p>

<p>For my teacher rec, I don't know if I should ask my AP Stats teacher from junior year - who really likes me and has taught me for 2 years BUT is kind of irresponsible and a huge mess in general so I don't know if I trust her - or my Newspaper adviser, who knows me so well and will definitely write me an amazing rec.</p>

<p>My other rec will be from my APUSH teacher. The thing is mainly that newspaper isn't a core class. </p>

<p>Oh, and I'm getting an additional rec from my adviser of an EC who has been with me all through high school and I know that rec will be great. </p>

<p>Looking at UChicago, Yale, NU, Penn, blah blah.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>Ask whoever you think can attest to your abilities and personality the best. Even if a teacher is irresponsble, she will not screw up a college rec-she knows that those sorts of thigns are extremely important.</p>

<p>Generally, the schools will ask for 2 TEACHER recs as in teacher you've had teach in the classroom. I don't think a newspaper advisor would count although they could be a supplementary rec.</p>

<p>Most schools want one rec. from an English/history teacher and one from a math/science teacher. IOW, they want one rec. that can attest to your writing skills and another that can attest to your quantitative skills. I'd go with the stats. teacher but have frequent check-ins to make sure the rec. gets done.</p>