Teacher Recommendation Sent Before Applications Opens

Hello! As the title says, during the last month of my junior year, I asked one of my teachers to write me a teacher recommendation letter. Some of the colleges wanted the letter to be emailed as an attachment from the teacher, so I told her about that. When she was done with the letter, she told me she sent it to them.
I was wondering if the letter of rec she wrote is still valid for me when I apply to those colleges this year. I’m not sure how it works, which is why I’m asking.

I’ve never heard of teachers emailing recommendation letters to colleges. If you plan to do the Common Application, your teacher can upload it.

There is a process in place in every school-- while you’re new to this, your teachers and guidance counselors are not.

Your teacher probably submitted your letter to guidance, so that it could be used for all your apps. Check with the teacher, or with your guidance counselor.

To remove all doubt, you can always call the schools you applied to and ask which application materials they’ve received.