Teacher Recommendation

<p>I have already picked out my teachers who will write my teacher recommendations. However, I was wondering if certain colleges look at the teacher's schooling background. One of my teachers went to a state college, while my other teacher went to a top tier college in Taiwan. Pertaining to top tier universities, do they care what the schooling background is for my teachers? What if they have gone to the school I am applying to? </p>

<p>I assume they don't because they would take a large amount of time to go through all of the applicant's teachers.</p>

<p>I doubt they do extensive background checks on rec writers. They have 2-3 to read for each applicant and dont have time to do that kind of thing. All they really need to know is how the teacher knows you and what they have to say.</p>

<p>That’s what I thought, but some threads made me question my common sense. Thanks!</p>