Teacher Recommendations Question

<p>So i'm wondering, if a college require x number of teacher recommendations (usually 2), are there any requirements on who those teachers need to be? For example, one humanities teacher and one science/math teacher? Because i have 3 great options for science and math teachers, but none for humanities. Also, can i submit more than 2 recommendations? </p>

<p>Finally, regarding counselor recommendations. My counselor has to deal with about 300 kids other than myself. As a result, i don't really know how amazing her rec will be - however, i can say that i have on numerous occasions met with her to make my course load top notch, and i hope she sees my high level of academic rigor. At the very least, she can definitely tell i'm motivated. How will this affect application as a whole?</p>

<p>I don't think there are any "requirements" in general, but it may be better to get one math/science recommendation and one humanities. I have heard, however, that some schools (not sure which) require a recommendation from an english teacher, and that UChicago doesn't accept recommendations from modern language teachers, although I doubt that applies to you. Definitely look into the policies of the schools where you are applying.</p>

<p>It's probably okay to submit more than two recommendations at most places. At a Vassar info session, they said that they only require the counselor recommendation and one teacher recommendation. They'll take two from teachers, but don't want more than that. Again, look into the policies of the schools where you are applying. I would like to send a third recommendation from somebody who isn't a teacher, but after the Vassar info session I don't know if that's a great idea.</p>

<p>Collegeboard says, when in doubt, English and math. I disagree. It depends on your major. In any case, the wise applicant checks his colleges' web sites to see if they state a preference. Dont "hope" your GC writes a good letter- go speak with her and ensure she knows your strengths and interests. She may let you send her an email detailing your activities et al. As a whole, many GC's just walk through this letter- when you see multiple kids from the same hs, you can tell those who used with the same form letter, with small modifications. It happens. So, go work with her, respectfully. In these cases, though, it's the teacher LoRs that can do the trick.</p>

<p>Thanks guys...i'm def majoring in EECS, and Math, so humanities isn't all that important to me, granted i do love history.</p>

<p>Ouch, language teachers getting stiffed? I'm planning on my Japanese teacher having the most important rec :P</p>

<p>Japanese teacher for a STEM?</p>

<p>No :P I plan on majoring in Japanese.</p>