Teacher Recommendations

<p>Obviously, I need to have two teacher and one counselor recommendations for my application. My first teacher recommender will be my AP Physics teacher, whom I also had for Calculus BC last year.
For the second recommender, I am a little stuck. My counselor says that since I am going into Nuclear Engineering or Nuclear Physics, I should get a recommendation from another one of my math or science teachers. This would mean either my current Calculus 3 teacher or my Chemistry Honors teacher from last year. However, my Calculus 3 teacher has barely had time to get to know me, and Chemistry bored the heck out of me, so I'm not sure my Chemistry teacher really got to know me that well either. I know both could write a decent letter for me, but not a perfect one.
One teacher I feel I got to know very well and could write a great recommendation for me is my English 3AP teacher. While I will be doing little with English in regard to my major, it was a fun class that I really interacted in.
So, should I go with my English teacher and get a great recommendation letter? Or should I stick with the classes that correspond to my future major and get a good but not as great recommendation letter?</p>