Teacher recommendations

<p>So I applied early to UMCP and whenever I check my status online it says they've received all my documentations except for my teacher recs. I asked one of my teacher and he said he sent my recommendation out a week before the deadline which was Dec 1, and he also said some people told him the same thing. And the other teacher said she sent it out on Dec. 1... By the way I literally live like 30 minutes away from UMCP so mailing shouldn't take that long</p>

<p>Does anyone else have the same problem?</p>

<p>Am I still under early action or am I moved to regular?</p>

<p>I've been having the same issue and it's kind of a relief it's not just me. I'm fairly sure we both still count as early action as long as they are postmarked before December 1st.</p>

<p>same problem; recs were sent out with transcript which has been processed. I guess they take a little longer</p>

<p>Ahhh! Good thing it's not just me!! My counselor sent my teacher recs, counselor rec, and transcript at the same time like.. a month ago! They still haven't marked off my counselor rec.</p>

<p>Time to call the admissions office and have someone check your folder. The big state schools sometimes don't communicate among themselves. I'll bet if you call, you'll find out that they have, indeed, received your recs.</p>

<p>ours shows they did not get the test scores, we had everything in by Nov 15th. i called twice and they said they did have the scores, just did not put them up. So call to make sure, but dont stress over it, they seem not to have it together when it comes to posting everyones app. status.</p>

<p>Just called:</p>

<p>Apparently recommendations are the last things they put in and it's 100% normal for us to not have them checked off (especially if we've sent them within the past month). He said they're about 3 weeks behind in processing materials and that we should check on January 5th.</p>

<p>xsteven - thanks that's a relief </p>

<p>i applied before Dec 1 also and they haven't had checked off my recommendations but they have received my transcript so I was believed to think that they have my recommendations as well.</p>