Teachers College of Columbia University vs. Fordham GSE vs. NYU Steinhardt

Hi all! Deciding between NYU, Columbia TC, and Fordham for graduate programs in Adolescent English Education- does anyone here have experience with any of these schools/programs? What are some of the biggest differences in terms of academics, opportunities, and environments? Truly any information is helpful if it’s honest, thank you!!!

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Will you be attending fresh out of undergrad? Do you have any experience teaching? If you plan on being a classroom teacher go to the most affordable option. No one will really care where you went. If your goal is to be a department head you will need experience first. That will matter much more than where you went to school.

What is the Cost of Attendance for each? Is this a MA or PhD? What are your career goals?

I would go to the one that is the least expensive.

Did you apply to any of the CUNY schools? CUNY is excellent but there is no graduate housing (there used to be) so you would have to commute. If you are coming from OOS or not within commuting distance and need to rent an apartment, it could be as expensive (or close to) as the others.

Do you already have a BA in education? If yes, you can teach (if you are OOS you need to have the right certs) while you attend CUNY part time. This will allow you to gain experience and earn a salary to pay rent.

All of the schools on your list will lead to employment in NYS or elsewhere (with the proper exams). One of my kids attended an 18 month program at TC which resulted in 3 certifications. She received a scholarship that paid for a year of on-campus housing (her own apartment). Her cohort was tiny (less than 10) and the district called her advisor directly to ask who was graduating. That’s how she got her job. She received a very good education, but all of these programs would provide a very good education.

There is a teacher shortage so you will likely get a job, but it might not be in a wealthy suburb. Also, the more certs you have the more marketable you will be.


In CA, teacher’s pay is based on how many units completed after a Bachelor’s degree. Most salary schedules require a masters degree to move up the pay scale beyond a certain point.

The NYC DOE calculates your salary based upon how many credits you have. The starting salary is a base and actual salary will be different depending on the individual. If you have extra science credits and you teach science, you will earn more as a new teacher. If your MA is 45 credits you will earn more than somebody who has an MA with 30 credits, etc. You actually have to apply for your salary.


Committed to Fordham GSE!! In the end it made the most sense financially and for what I want to do- so excited for this new and empowering chapter!