Teaching English Abroad

Can anyone recommend a program for recent college graduate (US citizen) for teaching English abroad? Preferably but not exclusively in Europe. Primary language is English but proficient in Spanish and French. No TOEFL certificate (though could do the “cheap” one, can’t afford the $5k version). There are so many online that it’s hard to know where to start.

My son did the cheaper version and got his certificate. Do you need the specific name of the program?

He is currently studying French at a University in Caen. He just got a job through the French government, teaching English one or two days a week to French middle schoolers. It pays pretty well. They even cover transportation costs to the school.

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My daughter got hers also. Cheap one but it was still like 40 hours plus she did some live classes now… She did some zoom classes to observe…

She’s planning on going back to southeast Asia at some point. She did some volunteer teaching prior with it.

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How about the JET program in Japan? A couple of my friends did it right after college and enjoyed the experience.

Thanks for the replies so far!

@MaineLonghorn He is happy to do the online certificate and it’s only about $200 (we have found many programs for that), but some countries require the fully accredited certificate that costs around $5k. Our local state university offers that but the cost is just too much for a one year experience abroad, esp when the pay is often not even $1k/month.

Not interested in grad school abroad. Just a post bacc or gap year sort of program. He could find a “job” teaching English, but I think it would be better to go with an organized program so there’s a cohort of young people and some support. Also, most of the job postings we have found are for permanent positions and do require the $5k certificate.

@LostInTheShuffle I had a friend who did the JET program years ago and loved it. Son did investigate but the deadline was yesterday, and he wasn’t ready to make the commitment to Japan yesterday for Fall 2022 bc prefers Europe.

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I think my son’s certificate was about $500 and it was sufficient for the French government to give him a job.

My son got a certification through the local community college. Certificate required a BA/BS as a pre-requisite. Five classes, hybrid online/in-person, about $350 each course. Did it while working FT and saving to go overseas.

Has been teaching English in Eastern Europe (non-EU) for 4.5 years now. Some of it was in-person, but has been online through all of Covid. Loves living there and has made a real life for himself. Other folks he knows who came over found not knowing the local language made the transition much more difficult. He has told us over and over that knowing Russian has made his life infinitely more easy.

$15/hour in the poorer countries of Eastern Europe is a very nice wage. He’s able to travel, fully support himself, rent an apartment and pay his Stafford loans.

OP - If your son is willing to make a 2-year commitment, there’s the Peace Corps. When DS did it, you could choose which continent you went to but not the specific country. He taught English at a high school in Eastern Europe.


Sounds like your kids have all had some great experiences. Besides the Peace Corps (and I will mention that to son!), are there any other teach abroad programs folks can recommend? I’m not asking about certification but about programs that place you in a school and help you get housing and generally provide support while there?

My daughter did this and taught English with no experience in Vietnam. She stayed and traveled there for 3 weeks. This was during her time back packing through Southeast Asia herself. You kinda work for food and room /board. They picked her up at the airport, toured with her if she wanted that and they ate together. Plenty of time to tour the country and do whatever…

Also this is a competitive but free program to learn a language… My daughter did Indonesian

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Has anyone heard of or participated in Meddeas program in Spain? I’m seeing mixed reviews. Thanks.

Cool thread! It has been very helpful to me, thanks.