Teaching Myself Chemistry for AP Chemistry

To clear up the title, I’m not self studying for the AP Chemistry exam. My school has a notoriously difficult AP Chemistry course, which I am scheduled to take next year. Trouble is, I don’t actually know any chemistry beyond atomic numbers. Long story short, my regular teacher had to get surgery a few weeks into the year and the sub for the rest of the year is so incredibly lazy that we literally don’t do anything in class.

What are some good materials that would prep me for an AP Chemistry course, after basically doing nothing for a whole year in Honors Chemistry? To give you an idea of where we are, we spent the first few months on molar mass and we just finish stoichiometry, which I hear from the other teachers is about 10 months behind.

I believe [Rene McCormick’s lessons](https://apchemistrynmsi.wikispaces.com/AP+Chemistry+Class+Lecture+Notes+AND+instructional+videos) are helpful for students struggling in chemistry. I was in a similar boat as my teacher didn’t prepare us very well for AP Chem – the hardest part of the year was just getting used to dimensional analysis and sig-figs. Otherwise just do the homework, watch videos on topics you struggle with, and definitely look up practice tests and FRQs for each unit test.