Teaching with an Advanced Degree?

<p>I am primarily interested in teaching, but I definitely want to go to graduate school for Biology, because that is what I am interested in.</p>

<p>Should I just get a B.S. in Science Education and forsake my goal of getting an advanced degree in Biology? I am interested in research, but not to the extent where I would want to do lab work for the rest of my life.</p>

<p>Are you talking about high/middle school teaching? In my area, teachers with a degree above a bachelor's get a higher salary (about $10k more I believe), so that might be an incentive.</p>

<p>Yes, I'm talking about high school teaching [though I wouldn't mind middle school]. I've just heard that you're less likely to find a job if you have a degree higher than a B.S. because of budget cutbacks.</p>

<p>Check the teacher credentialing process and requirements of the state that you want to teach in.</p>

<p>Fun fact - my school has a program similar to that at UTexas where science majors can get teaching credentials, which makes it sort of a "beefed-up" minor. Basically, if you're a science major, take ~21 extra hours, and you can get a teaching certification AND graduate on time. Since I'm a B.S. Chem major, it does make things a bit hairy when I get to student teaching, so I end up taking PChem1, Biochem, AChem (only AChem lab though), and a teaching class next fall. It might be an interesting option for you to look into. My school's program is called UKanTeach, and the original was called UTeach.</p>