<p>when i tried to deposit money in my account, it said that there's a 2% surcharge?? so correct me if i'm wrong, isn't it much better to just stick with cash despite the hassle?</p>

<p>Techcash makes laundry easy; I'd recommend depositing some laundry money at least. And I think some people use it because their parents can deposit money directly into the techcash account for food. But besides that, it's not much more convenient than carrying a credit card and some cash.</p>

<p>There's a surcharge only if you deposit online. You can add money in person at Card Services (in the student center basement), in which case the amount is charged to your bursar's account w/o surcharge (I don't remember if other options for paying in person are available).</p>

<p>Another benefit to TechCash, since your ID card is where the discount information for being in a dining hall plan is stored, is simplying payment for dinner in the dining halls. If you use cash, you have to swipe the card first to confirm your discount, then pay with money (which in itself is already a relatively slow process).</p>