Technical Theatre major leading to Live Event Production career?

<p>I'm a current high school senior looking at majoring in technical theatre. My main interest is to technically produce live events, with long term goal to have a career with WWE. (& no i'm not looking at Full Sail University, way too expensive and i've heard a lot of bad things) I'm just confused on what school to choose and what steps i should take.</p>

<p>Roosey - I'm not sure about doing WWE, but I know that my daughter wants to do Concert Lighting. She is currently in her second year at NYU for Theater P&D (Production and Design) concentrating on lighting. She has been assured by her professors that they have had students go into all types of lighting, not just theater. </p>

<p>Long story short: I would recommend reaching out to the some universities you are interested in that have technical theater and explain what you are a looking for. They should be able to tell you what their students have gone onto after graduating.</p>

<p>Roosey, The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University in St. Louis has a degree program in Concert Lighting Design. Seth Jackson, who heads that program just did Lollapalooza in Chicago, the Selena Gomez Tour, the Star Wars Concert Tour and a ton of others. Program is tied in with Bandit Lights and UpStaging. You should check that out.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, I will definitely look into NYU as i live in the area!</p>

<p>I wouldn't necessarily look to any school for the experience you are looking for. I know quite a few people who work in touring that never went to college. For them, it was a matter of moving to a city where tours (rock/music) originate like Dallas or Los Angeles. In those cities there are going to be lighting production companies. They supply all the rental gear and many times they will take their own people on the road. The way to meet those people is to work in their shop as warehouse labor. You will get to know the gear very well and a bright young person should be able to work their way up the ladder and meet the right people to get on the road. This is not a fast track by any means. It may take years to make the right connections but then again it might not, depending on who you impress. People filling tour positions are not always going to be impressed with your degree. It's all about technical knowledge, work ethic and most importantly your PERSONALITY. Good luck.</p>