Technical Theatre Programs?

<p>I'm graduating this year and planning to go to a four-year instituion. I want to double major in Criminal Justice/Criminalistics as well as Technical Theatre.</p>

<p>Can anyone give me advice about schools with strong technical theatre programs? Most have programs based on acting, but I'm looking for more of a focus on the design/production elements. </p>


<p>My tech theatre teacher went to Western Washington University for his degree. There is apparently a quite good tech theatre program there. :)</p>

<p>Pepperdine has small but excellent theater dept and love tech scholarships. Don't know about criminal justice, bit definitely a good law school.</p>

<p>Chapman, Syracuse, Creigton U, Southwest Oregon State University, and Western Washington.</p>

<p>My son is interested in theatre and there is a great thread on 'college confidential' where you will get advice from people who teach and administer these programs. Just search 'theatre/drama'.</p>