Teen publishing contests/opportunities?

<p>First off, this is my first time here, so... hi, I guess!
Secondly, I have a question about places where teenagers (or, more specifically, high school students) can get published. I'm a rising high school senior who's been published before (in a local teen-run magazine and in Teen Ink) and I've also won a writing contest held by my old high school, but I'm having trouble finding places to get published. I don't really want to only be published in 18-and-under magazines, but I know some places won't accept the work of kids under 18 (I'm 17, 18 next March). Do any of you guys know magazines or literary journals that will publish the work of younger writers? Also, do you know of any writing contests a teen could possibly enter (whether aimed at teens or more general)? Thanks so much! (Fiction and poetry only, please; nonfiction is excellent, but not something I write personally.)</p>

<p>Your public library should have a copy of this year's Writer's Market. That's where I'd start.</p>

<p>Thanks, nontraditional!</p>