Teens and alcohol

<p>What is up with teens and alcohol? I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't done anything illegal. You don't need to drink to have fun!
(This is a response to all the replies I read about teens and drinking)</p>

<p>good for you....take it slow and don;t feel like you are the only one...there are lots of kids who don't drink...teens will drink for a variety of reasons, many having to do with thinking its for fun...but you are the correct one. Keep true to yourself...you will be better off, and you aren't missing anything. Really.</p>

<p>I don't drink either. So, you're not alone. I wonder that about my friends when they decide to go drinking on the weekend. I just don't see the good part, but I've never tried it, so I suppose I wouldn't. It's not in my future plans to start either.</p>

<p>i drink. because i got brain damage</p>

<p>drinking does the weirdest things to your brain..
at this party on fri night, i had couple of shots of vodka i think, and there was this weird guy from school in the party and he was running in circles around me and i thought i was in a tornado :eek:</p>

<p>you know, I reckon that most of the i-will-be-sober-till-i-die people will end up drinking anyway in college or later on in life. I'm totally cool with sober people - i kinda respect them for such high resistance!</p>

<p>I have no problems with people who don't drink- I DO have a problem with the ones who feel that they're superior to any teenager who's had a drop of alcohol cross their lips. It's a personal decision, and given that it's done in moderation and is never followed by driving, I have no problem with teenagers drinking. My friends always make sure they have a designated driver, and each one watches closely to make sure that the other DDs aren't drinking at all. Drinking is extremely common at my school, but I have friends who don't drink too. Stick to your beliefs if you don't think it's the right choice for you. Any friends worth having will respect it- but also don't assume that only bad kids drink.</p>

You don't need to drink to have fun!


<p>Yeah, but you don't have to lecture us to have fun, either. Or ride a bike. Or watch a movie. Or go out dancing. Sure, drinking isn't the only option, but it IS an option, and people like variety.</p>

<p>Elizabeth is right- I have nothing against people who don't drink. But I'm irritated by people who lecture others- ESPECIALLY those who are drinking responsibly. It's one thing to urge an alcoholic to get help. It's another to be annoying and nag all day long. That's just plain unnecessary.</p>

<p>Case in point: one of my friends just got accepted to Harvard and Yale. She is the editor-in-chief of her school's newspaper, captain of math olympiads, captain of the several varsity sports, and scored a perfect 1600 on her SATs. Oh yeah- she does gymnastics and piano in her spare time and was an intel semi-finalist. Perfect, right? She also drinks like a fish (and smokes sometimes). She is one of my many accomplished, bright, ambitious friends who drinks.</p>

<p>There ARE plenty of kids who drink and lead stimulating, fulfilling lives. Like it or not, it's just another way to relieve stress, like writing in a diary, or watching a movie with friends. Yes it's illegal (and for good reason), but that is primarily aimed at the fact that most kids don't have enough maturity to drink responsibly. I seriously doubt that the very adults who are so gung ho about not drinking have a perfect record themselves. And keep in mind that kids in Europe are introduced to drinking at a very young age, and will even have a few glasses of wine at dinner with their parents socially.</p>

<p>So please stop leading your little temperance movement already. Nobody is bugging you to drink. Don't bug us to stop.</p>

<p>umm, actually drinking damages your brain. I think it's best to not drink. Or at least in moderation. Like once a month or less.</p>

<p>oh and music4life, we never did get around to that imperialism vs communism thread, did we....I hope you're the right person :)</p>

<p>I find it slightly ironic that someone with the screen name "intoxicatednight" is speaking against nights of intoxication :-P.</p>

<p>so I'm not perfect, what can I say. :) haha J/k I do drink a little, but I'm still blatantly against it. I'd appreciate it if you didn't judge me based on my screen name. In addition if you look up intoxicated in the dictionary, it has more than one meaning.</p>

<p>I don't really drink much, though my Russian-ness leads others to believe that I chug vodka every day when I come home.</p>

<p>It's kinda annoying.</p>

<p>I wasn't "judging" you, Intoxicatednight. I was simply commenting on the irony of your screen name and what you'd posted. I KNOW the word has more than one meaning- it was just a joke. Let's keep it cool and not get so defensive.</p>

<p>To intoxicatednight: I was the one who commented that communism prevented China from becoming a world power versus someone's argument that communism is allowing China to become a world power (something along that line if I remembered correctly), but I thought it was to someone else. However, if you want to have a discussion then feel free to pm me anytime.</p>

<p>Let me just clarify my intentions with this thread based on the replies that I briefly read. I have nothing against those who drink and yes there are bright people who do drink; however, that's not the point. I don't understand why teens drink at such a young age. The legal age, in the U.S., to drink is at 21 (for all the europeans who've read this the question is not for you). Why do you want to rush your teenage years by doing something illegal? Also do your parents allow you to drink, because it's very hard for me to believe that a parent would let a minor drink?</p>

<p>Basically I'm trying to understand the mentality of drinking as a minor because I don't.<br>
On a side note, I don't think that partying and drinking is a justifiable answer.</p>

<p>I drink every weekend; there's nothing wrong with it. Call it a real "College Prep" course.</p>

<p>Don't worry, I don't drink either, in fact, there's like no way I can sneak out of the house and go to some sort of party...</p>

<p>I never against people who drink at all; in fact, it's their responsibility so it's definately not my business to care. However, I'm not gonna say drinking irresponsibly (did I spell that word right btw?) is something acceptable. Also I totally against driving too. As long as they're drinking for "just for fun" and not causing any harms, I don't really have anything to say.</p>

<p>"Basically I'm trying to understand the mentality of drinking as a minor because I don't."</p>

<p>I imagine you would understand if you engaged in the practice.</p>

<p>Just dont drink as a minor... It's that simple. It solves (or prevents, that's probably a better word) sooo many problems. When they made the drinking age, they obviously weren't doing it to **** off people under 21... They obviously did it cause its bad for you... That's just what I think, other people can think what they want.</p>


<p>i drink beer beacuse, well, i love the taste. I find it really enjoyable to sit back with some friends and sip on some beers. Now i do also like to party and get drunk with friends. WHy? because when everyone is hanging out and there is a lack of inhibitions all around. It spices up the atmosphere and people say and do things they normally wouldn't. Obviously if people get too drunk, bad things can happen, but in semi-moderation people express their true thoughts and you really can get to know someone on a deeper level. altering your state of mind can be cool and interesting if not over done. It really is a fun thing to do even if some of it is just the novelty from it being illegal. I think a lot people become to overwehlmed when using alcohol and act inappropriatly, but don't put all teens in this catagory.<br>
To answer your other question, my parents only let me drink wine with dinner, which we do usually a few times a month. My parents first caught me drinking when i was 14, so they know that all my friends and I drink. They know they can't do anything about it so they arn't worried since they know we are responsible. I mean all of my friends are brilliant kids with excellant GPAs, we just like to have fun also. My parents tell me as long as i bring home all As on my report card they won't really complain.</p>

Why do you want to rush your teenage years by doing something illegal?


First of all, drinking laws vary by state. There is no federal 21 drinking age. What happened was the government threatened to cut funding for highways in the 70's, so eventually all the states changed the drinking age to 21. So, for our parents and many teens today, drinking isn't "rushing" teenage years. It is the teenage years.</p>

<p>Some people never drink. Is that "delaying" adulthood? I think not. Everyone matures at a different rate. Some 15-year-olds can handle more than some 30-year-olds. Responsibilities, maturity, and your actions define adulthood- not drinking. So the idea that drinking "rushes" adulthood is ridiculous. That's on a person-by-person basis and you can't generalize.</p>

<p>Besides, what about European kids? If your only basis for argument is that it is illegal, then what if we all travel to Europe and drink? Would you think it's okay then? No, of course not. So that point's moot.</p>

Also do your parents allow you to drink, because it's very hard for me to believe that a parent would let a minor drink?


My parents know that I am a responsible young adult and that I can handle the consequences of being drunk, so yes, I will tell them when I am going to party where there is drinking involved. They know I would never drive drunk (my friends and I always specify designated drivers), and know I only have to call them and they will come and pick me up, no questions asked. This, to me, is far more safe than parents who take an absolutely rigid stance, provoking their children into sneaking out, and ending up with far less control and worse consequences.</p>

On a side note, I don't think that partying and drinking is a justifiable answer.


That's not an answer. That's what kids DO. And frankly, I don't see why we have to justify it to you, anyway. If you really "have nothing against those who drink" then you should really be more open-minded than you are. You want to know why kids drink? Because it releases inhibitions, it provides a social lubricant, it's entertaining, and I'm sure, to some, the allure of the forbidden is appealing. Of course you don't understand it- you DON'T DO IT. That is fine. This is not a justification or defense- this is just what happens. If you really don't mind, then there's your explanation, end of story.</p>