Teens: What Advice Would You Give to Parents?

<p>Being the parent of a college-bound student is not an easy task.....especially for parents who are going through it for the first time. If you could give parents advice in regard to the following, what would it be:</p>

<p>(a) One thing that parents definitely SHOULD DO in assisting their teen with the college process </p>


<p>(b) One thing that parents definitely SHOULD NOT DO in assisting their teen with the college process.</p>

<p>What do you think???</p>

<p>a. take them to visit at least 3 different colleges, or however many it takes for them to find at least a suitable place for them. if it is a plane ride, who cares; its worth it.</p>

<p>b. open their mouths about any of it</p>

<p>and one more thing for a:</p>

<p>if we get straight As and do very well in school, dont make us do choirs. My mom never shuttup about how much little work I do around the house compared to my brother. He goes to middle school and takes "honors classes," I took 7 AP classes my senior year. My junior year I missed the AMC cuz my mom made me wash her ****ing car.</p>

<p>a. Do: encourage them to apply to AS MANY schools as possible, don't cross schools off the list until you get in</p>

<p>b. Don't: get on their case about finishing applications on time, generally be overbearing or overly involved in the application writing, act like YOU are the one applying to college</p>