telebears wont let me access

<p>when I log on to telebears it says
You have accessed Tele-BEARS more than the maximum number of times allowed for this phase.
will I be able to access telebears during the adjustment period a week before classes start? and is there the 40 access limit for that?</p>

<p>I believe phase 2 allows 80 logins. Adjustment allowed unlimited.</p>

<p>well I guess ill just wait then. thanks</p>

<p>does the fact that phase 2 ends today affect telebears access?</p>

<p>@JteH I'm accessing it right now, so guess not (unless you mean for tomorrow).</p>

<p>@thomaslgo JteH brings up a good point. Phase 2 ends today, so it's worth trying again at midnight.</p>

<p>it says its not telebears hours, but at least i can see my schedule. I probably used up the limit cuz I've been checking everyday to see if i got into my waitlists. still #21 in chem 1a (stacy). I really hope I get in</p>

<p>You can see your waitlist status in Bearfacts -> Registration -> Class schedule. Kinda pointless to tell you know that you have unlimited Telebears access, but keep it in mind in case you get waitlisted next semester.</p>

<p>Also, you can go to any Chem 1A Lecture so it really doesn't matter as long as you are enrolled in one of the sections</p>

<p>This happened to me to, but way earlier in phase II, Just call the office of the registrar (the phone number they give below the message) and act innocent too ;) and the lady there will reset it, so that u can access telebears again</p>

<p>I believe waitlists only get updated once every weekend. The schedule website says so as well. It seems to be true from what I've observed. Anyway! Now you know so as to prevent yourself from using too many logins the next time telebears rolls around.</p>

<p>bumping this thread to rant more about garbage berkeley cuz this **** just happened to me right when i want to *<strong><em>ing switch my god damn *</em></strong>ing section so I can enroll in another class before it's waitlisted.</p>

<p>and i can't even call them up right now because they don't even have 24/7 service, pathetic.</p>