Telebeas Phase I question

<p>I know it takes place on June 28, 2010 but how much does it last (until July1, 2)? The thing is I want to phase I Physics 7A and Eng 10 but I want to make sure I get a 4 or a 5 in AP Calc AB test in order to skip Math 1A (which I understand is Physics 7A prequisite). The results come out on July 1, 2 so should I wait or should is it going to be too late?</p>

<p>I also understand that Physics 7A or Chem 1A have to be Phased I as they are impossible to get in Phase II.</p>

<p>Appreciate the help. Sorry I missed the r in telebears.</p>

<p>Your official telebears appointment lasts 24 hours. So if your Phase I is at 10 am on June 28, it will end at 10 am on June 29. From there, you can only change classes during "open times" which are 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends. I'm not exactly sure of the times, but that's the gist of it.</p>

<p>So if I sign up for Physics 7A on June 28 and wanna change it on July 2 to Chem 1A. I can do it without much inconvience and will there be space?</p>

<p>Math 1A is not Physics 7A's prerequisite. Take Physics 7A if you think you can do calculus no matter what the AP score is. And yes, once your telebears is activated during CalSO, you can use the open times to switch classes at your will.. My advice? Sign up for Chem 1A and Physics 7A since they fill up fast.</p>

<p>Thanks UpMagic! Well I was planning on taking Physics this fall and Chem 1A during spring. I can definetely can do calculus I just wana be sure about my score but my counselor pointed out Physics 7A prerequisites: High school physics; Math 1A or 1AS; Math 1B or 1BS (which may be taken concurrently). My counselor advised me to phase I Physics 7A and Eng 10 (over Econ 1 and Math 1B) this is the best pick right? Still I am picking Physics 7A on monday and in the case I get a low score (which I am sure I won't) I'll just swicth it just to be on the safe side. Thanks</p>

<p>Eng 10 is probably the phase II of the phase II's.. they never fill up! whatever your advisor says though lol..</p>