Tell me a little about the ACT Essay

<p>Or ACT writing. What are some keys to get an 11 or 12? Fill up X amount of pages? Is there any well known "tips" out there? Is time harder on the ACT than SAT? I'm aquainted with the SAT essay</p>

<p>The ACT essay is very different from the SAT essay. Most of the strongest writers I know scored below 10 (I got a 9), despite excelling at the test as a whole. From what I've seen of the test I took, along with practice tests, the ACT essay addresses "softer" issues than the SAT, in that they are more specific and preparing sources won't help you nearly as much as on the SAT. For example, my topic was whether or not students writing for major magazines was a good thing. In the critique section of the score report I was complimented on addressing a number of issues (I wrote two whole pages, though four are provided) and for bringing up and countering opposing points. Unfortunately, they did not state what I failed to do, and as such have no idea how to improve.</p>

<p>Just write a picture-esque Freshmen-level English 5-paragraph essay.</p>

<p>Oh wow. That's a specific prompt. How the heck am I supposed to write a response to that. Do you recommend a personal example? "I wrote for a magazine journal.... bla bla" because that will take up space.</p>

<p>On my ACT I wrote completely from personal examples. I guess thats not the best thing to do since I got an 8 on the essay, but 35 overall =D</p>

<p>Well...let's see...i completely ********ted that. I got an 11. I wrote 2.5 pages; there were like 4 pages to fill. On the comments, the ACT ppl said that they saw complexity in the essay by addressing counterarguments. For that reason, I guess, I got an 11.</p>

<p>I got an 11. I forget what I wrote or how much but there studies show a direct correlation between length and score. Also in my counseling office there is a book with an ACT practice test and sample essays and there scores. This helped me a lot.</p>

<p>Bump...... I will think of counter arguments... and make it long. keep them coming please!</p>

<p>Wow, has anyone gotten a 12? I received an 11 as well, and filled up about 2.5 pages, too. My prompt was about whether schools should have mandatory art/music classes.</p>

<p>Is 3 pages a solid 10+ ?</p>

<p>As far as generic style, I wrote a 6 paragraph essay in cursive that filled up 2 pages and scored a 9. I included personal experiences and started off the essay with a quote, which is something I don't usually do.</p>

<p>It's rumored that filling up 3 pages with BS will earn you a 10+, but I don't think that it's a viable strategy. Just remember that they're looking for the standard 5 paragraph "fast food" essay that backs up arguments and provides counter-examples, and you'll probably score an 8+. </p>

<p>I consider myself to be a strong writer, so I was a bit disappointed by the 9. However, I've decided to settle for it, simply because I think that an essay cranked out in 30 minutes doesn't necessarily show one's full potential as a writer.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>