Tell me about Fairfield

<p>I am new Sr. from CA and I am looking at small colleges. I can find so little about fairfield. Anybody with good info</p>


<p>I'm going to Fairfield this fall as a freshman. Double major, Nursing and Spanish. I know a few things, but not much.</p>

<p>They were very generous with financial and merit aid first off - so going there was more affordable than the flagship public here. It's a Jesuit school, but is very open to several thoughts, ideas, religions. Because it is Jesuit, they want everybody to be "well-rounded" when they graduate. There's a core curriculum to assure for this to happen. Taking a philosophy class, language, and a first-year experience thing for instance. Service work via volunteering is huge because of the Jesuit influence as well. The professors all seem excellent, easy to approach, and are just great people. When I was at Orientation, I got to meet the Spanish dean who was extremely helpful when I was choosing the classes I was going to take and followed up via e-mail to see how I was.</p>

<p>The kids who go there seemed very social, and all of the ones I met were very involved on campus. I heard several rumours of the students being snobby, rich, white kids from New England. On my visits and at Orientation, this was the last thing I would notice, even if it was true (even though it was something I was very concerned about). Nobody acted rich or anything, just excited about entering university. I come from the opposite end of the spectrum as far as socio-economic class goes and I only felt at home being at Fairfield. And frankly, the situation is something I expected from New England private schools - race wise.</p>

<p>I'm really excited to start in the fall. If you have questions later on, PM if you'd like. I can update you the more I find out about the school.</p>

<p>My daughter is going to be a Freshman, majoring in Nursing. She visited over a dozen schools, large and small and in the end felt that Fairfield was the best fit for many reasons. We, too, read the same as "LunaCow" about the type of students that attend Fairfield but neither one of us saw any evidence of students one had described on another site. Every where my daughter and I have turned, both from a student and parent perspective we have been awed by the professionalism, care and interest by those representing Fairfield in assisting us as my daughter made her decision starting from the application process to acceptance.</p>

<p>There is a Fairfield University 2014 (can't remember the exact name) on Facebook as I understand it. Perhaps you can reach out to that group of incoming Freshman. I believe there are Freshman's at CA. Also, the admissions office is a great resource to link you with others from your area. My daughter's experience at Orientation confirmed to her that she had made the right choice. </p>

<p>Yes, there isn't a lot of marketing found out there on Fairfield U but that can be a good sign. </p>

<p>Good luck to you.</p>

<p>Yes! There's at least one girl from LA who turned down a few big names (UCLA I remember) for Fairfield. I'm on the Facebook group (called "Fairfield University Class of 2014") and we're all super excited for the fall. My roommates are AMAZING and am really glad I chose this school.</p>