Tell me about Kent

My daughter has been accepted to Kent for 9th grade. She is torn between accepting and staying at her single sex private in NYC. Her current school is fairly progressive and she likes this style of work and also prefers a progressive social environment. How does Kent fit in in this respect? Of course we are going to revisit day. Open to any info you can offer.

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Kent is definitely a great school but I don’t think I would call it progressive.


I got a friendly parent call post acceptance to Kent. At the time, we were mostly debating between Groton, Choate and Exeter but leaning towards Choate. I don’t recall how she got that out of me but I just recall her saying, really, Choate is so girlie?

We went with Choate.

Am happy to chat with you. I have a fifth former there and an eighth grader considering going there as well, also from a socially progressive all girls school. Kent’s outward appearance does not seem overly progressive but I believe it actually is and has become more so over the last few years with the newer head. You can message me and I’ll give you my contact information and we can chat over phone or email.

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