Tell me about Rollins please

<p>I can't ask Sweet Tea directly (via PM) since I just registered. But I just visited with my DD and she fell in love. The school seems to fit the bill of what she wants/needs. I am concerned about rigor of studies. And the ever present rumor mill circulating around the internet about the #1 party school of the South as well as the "relative unknown" outside the state of Florida. Please inform this new momma</p>

<p>We visited Rollins in July and really liked what we saw and heard. Why are you concerned about rigor? Also, partying is pretty prevalent at most colleges. Lastly, Rollins continues to get high marks and rankings from USNWR, so I’m not worried about how well known the school is outside Florida. If Rollins is flying under the radar so be it. It’s just a better value and the degree will increase in value as the school becomes more popular.</p>

<p>My concern was that the 50% ACT was 23-29 and the average GPA was 3.3. That being said they do post other great stats and have an honors program. Yes, i realize that partying is prevalent everywhere, but unfortunately THAT is what many of the reviews about Rollins focus on. Perhaps i am just focusing on that. What we saw and heard really fits the bill for what our daughter wants. And, since she plans on staying in the South and she loves it, perhaps she should study hard for the next ACT and hope for a scholarship. Not sure we can swing the price tag.</p>

<p>i have now read everything I can find for the past 5-7 years. I think that this will be a great place for my student. She is excited about the application process. Now if I could let go of parent anxiety.</p>

<p>If its any consolation, we took about a dozen campus tours/visits. Each time we met with our admissions rep. Several of these were HC reps. Hands down, the rep from Rollins who of course is a graduate of Rollins, was the most impressive and most well-spoken of all the reps. This includes great schools like Davidson and Emory. </p>

<p>My D has the stats to compete for the Alfond scholarship. If she were to be fortunate enough to win that award, I would have no concerns em rolling her at Rollins.</p>