Tell me about the residence halls

<p>Hi, I am trying to decide between going to UoR or going to a UC. Would someone please tell me what the residence halls are like? And one that would be better suited for me. I am shy and a bit quiet toward people I don't know, and I was thinking Melrose Hall would be a good residence hall for me to stay in because of the quiet hours. </p>

<p>How does UoR pair you up with your roommates? What happens if you don't get along with a roommate and want to switch out?</p>

<p>Can’t seem to find any pictures of the dorms either.</p>

<p>You fill out a lengthy survey, and then are matched with a roommate. The majority of freshman stay in Williams and East. My daughter found Williams to be very noisy her first year. It might be a good idea to choose Melrose.</p>

<p>There are Facebook pages for each of the dorms with photos of the rooms. You can also find the Class of 2017 page and possibly get to know people ahead of time.</p>

<p>I’d highly recommend the First Year Journey, especially if you’re a bit shy. It’s a great way to get to know a small group of people, so when you arrive back on campus you’ve already got friends you can hang out with.</p>

<p>[First</a> Year Journeys](<a href=“]First”></p>