Tell me all about Queen's University, please

<p>I am from the US and have loved what I have seen and heard about Queen's (Kingston) so far, but I do not know anyone who has ever gone so it would be wonderful to hear more about the university from a student's perspective. </p>

<p>I am applying as a freshmen for the fall, and I am strongly considering Queen's. It seems like a great place to be. Soo I suppose any insight that you might be able to share with me about the University would be great! </p>

<p>Have you found the teachers to be good (is it a lot of work??)? How the professors really are seems to be something that you cannot simply find in a college book. I also remember the downtown of Kingston to not be that far away from the campus - do you go into town a lot? I thought it was such a beautiful and quaint place.</p>

<p>Any reviews on Queens science honours program?</p>