Tell me good things about Tufts!

Hey guys,

I recently committed myself to Tufts and rejected many incredible colleges (including several top LACs and Ivies). I desperately want to know that I made the right decision. Tell me EVERYTHING that is good about Tufts and what makes it unique and assure me I made the right decision.

I eventually plan to go to a good law school or get a PhD in public policy.



From the sound of it you’re planning on studying IR.

Tufts is one of the best schools for IR in the world, bar none.

Tufts appears in this Forbes article, “10 Expensive Colleges Worth Every Penny”:

Wishing you the best of luck at Tufts, @TheRefugee.

The people here are the most amazing people I have ever met — so intelligent, so humorous, so modest yet so extraordinary. I’ve never felt pressure nor a cutthroat atmosphere on campus or between people. Everyone is so open-minded and friendly.

I feel that Tufts creates a very safe space for its students. I’ve always felt comfortable to be myself here.

Tufts has world-class faculty members, all of whom put students atop their lists of priorities. In my experience, professors have always been super approachable, understanding, and sincere; I can confidently say that because of this, I’ve formed some great relationships with them — not to mention that I have found the teaching methods here really interesting and helpful in my development of thought.

There is an overwhelming amount of student opportunities and resources around campus. Too many to list.

Boston is one of the most amazing cities I have ever had the opportunity to experience. It has a rich history, beautiful architecture, amazing waterfront views, and constant events and activities. Davis square is also super cool and really accessible, and the vibe’s really quirky. Plus, other squares around the area are super accessible and have great restaurants and shops.

Tufts is really great about trying to provide as many student jobs as possible, which is great if you have a work-study or just want some money for extra food, clothing, etc.

There are so many great things about Tufts, from its view of downtown Boston to its amazingly eccentric student body and everything in between. I could go on, but I’ll leave you with this :slight_smile:

(If it’s of any value, I chose Tufts over ivies and other top schools)