Tell me more about LLCs at Miami University (Ohio)

Do you recommend an LLC? Would appreciate hearing more about this living arrangement from those with experience. Thanks!

Can anyone be in an LLC?

@avaw21 - first year students are required to live in an LLC. I’m not sure if other classes can/do.

I heard from a student that goes there that you can’t choose your dorm. Maybe this is what he was referring to? Idk

I heard from an admissions presentation today that for freshmen, you choose your LLC and the college picks which LLCs are in which dorms based on which ones need how much space and the dorms they are in change, so yes, you don’t get to choose in that sense. After the first year I’m not sure how it works. They did say you could choose between Standard (newer or renovated) and Traditional (older or not renovated) for dorms. Standard costs more.

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@Moonlightmom I have a freshman at MU. Seems like they rank their top 3 LLCs. It helps give freshman a place to plug in. Some LLCs are more active than others. Of course right now, they are all limited due to COVID. You have to rank your LLC in the same order as your roommate.

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What are some examples of llc’s?


The LLCs sometimes change from year to year because students have the option to create new ones.



I absolutely do!

If your student is at all interested in politics, government, public policy, strategic communications, advocacy, etc… I highly recommend GRN (governmental relations network).

It isn’t a throw-away LLC; those kids have access to fantastic opportunities throughout their entire undergrad experience.

This year, GRN is housed in Stanton. It’s a small, tight-knit group… a fantastic way for a freshman to meet like-minded students.

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