Tell me somethin' good . . .

Tell me that you . . . no, wait, this isn’t about the song. :smiley:

I’m sick of everything. No, really, everything. Everybody hates everybody else, people get shot every day, everything I do lately blows up in my face (yeah, “lately”).

So, what I want is your good news. No arguing or one-upsmanship here, please; just post something happy. Did your favorite TV show run a good new episode? Did your dog win “Fluffiest Mutt” at the fair? Did your kid get that big promotion at TCBY? I want to hear about it.

No matter how big or how small, let’s trade some good news and raise the happiness level here. Please and thank you. :x

My oldest D just got engaged to a nice fellow who is working for a major chemical company as a Chemical Engineer. She will graduate this next May with the same degree, 22 months of work experience and a good resume. They will have no college debt (and neither will I). That’s good news to me! :slight_smile:

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I played great tennis today! Won 6-2 and was leading 4-1 when it was time to quit. Even with the sun glaring in my eyes from the side I was serving from I never got broken. And I was down 0-4 in my first service game but held on to win it. :slight_smile:

One of my cats won the cutest cat contest at work and won $100 gift card! Glad to see he’s a profit center for the family!

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My husband, age 66 (same for me), retired last month. We were both concerned about what he would do with his free time. This morning he and I worked (me weeding, him filling with our “home grown” compost as I cleared sections) prepping one of my raised beds in our organic vegetable garden. My gardens have been much neglected (due to a child’s wedding, my cancers, etc.) and he is wonderful working on them for and with me. We will now make this bed a new herb garden as he loves the difference fresh herbs make in cooking. I am delighted.

Also, my tomato plants have little green tomatoes.

This evening we are going out to dinner with friends. What a great day – and only half over!

My D1’s boyfriend plans to propose in August to her. :D. Now I just need to keep my mouth shut for 6 weeks. :blush:

H and I took D (13) and her two BFFs to a nice restaurant for dinner last night to celebrate her becoming a teen. It was so much fun to watch them giggling away and pretending to be “fancy”. It took me back to when I was that age for a while.

Son’s gf just adopted a rescue dog…1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Corgi. His “interesting” short legged look and happy personality make him totally adorable and much loved.

S2, newly graduated from HS, drove a HS junior friend to school. He had missed the school bus and has two finals today. Two kids we know are heading to South America to work on poverty issues, one going to DC lobbying for LGBTQ issues.

I love to see that there are generous spirits in the next generation. There is so much emphasis on individual accomplishment we sometimes miss that there are many out there selflessly trying to make a difference, rescue dogs and all.

My relative just went to Dublin to help immigrants settle there.

Our kids will be flying in to HI in a few weeks for their cousin’s wedding to a great guy.

My nephew went golfing with my dad (his grandpa) yesterday.

My middle son, aged 22, is thriving in Beirut, Lebanon. He has finished three semesters of college, studying English and Education at the American University of Beirut. This summer, he’s living near the Syrian refugee camp and volunteering almost every day to move supplies, bring families food packs, and just listen to their stories. One day, he and his friends bought 1,000 balloons and made balloon animals for the Syrian kids! I think he is the happiest person I know. This is the kid who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and almost didn’t graduate from high school. My heart almost hurts it’s so close to bursting when I think of this kid.

I was off work this morning and got extra time to cuddle with my 10 lb fur baby. <3

My gym is in the same complex as a major movie theater where I pass by the entrance every time I go. Recently, I saw two older couples who had met there to see a movie and were hugging each other goodbye. As I approached, I jokingly threw out my arms. I really intended to just walk by, but they all laughed, threw out their arms and gave me a hug. It was a nice moment. :slight_smile:

I was able to spend two weeks camping with my oldest kid, just the two of us. We had the most wonderful time, and I feel so fortunate.

I’m moving her to the East Coast next week for her first post-college job, and boy, I’m going to miss her.

My son just graduated college and got his dream job, and it pays way more than he expected.

My daughter, though admittedly quite the drama queen, is back at school for a week celebrating her 21st birthday. She had just met a young man who she swears is “it” before school let out and they’ve been texting non-stop.

I have really been enjoying having the four of us together this summer, especially at dinner when we just sit and chit chat together most nights.

I’m redecorating the guest rooms, and it’s running on time and under budget.

I just saved $270 per month on my health insurance!

Once my son turns 26 in September, he must get his own insurance either through his employer or through ObamaCare or ObamaCare-Lite. It’s a big difference in rates for families and for individuals.

After working 48 hours week in job #1 since January, my supervisor just approved my “summer schedule” for July and August at 20 hours/week, letting me use the extra PTO I earned during the past six months to drop to a 3 day workweek for 8 weeks :slight_smile:

My S just confirmed that he and his girlfriend will take a one week vacation and visit me and extended family the first week in August. Bring on the lobster bake and 4x4 beach!

A friend last week invited me to a 3-night getaway at a beach about an hour from here mid-July. Beachfront, 2B/2B, girls’ getaway !

My 15 year old daughter came into work with me today and did a powerpoint project I had been avoiding

I have the cutest grandbaby in the universe and I love, love, love to kiss, kiss, kiss him. :smiley:

My youngest son (15) got all A’s and one B on his report card for the second semester and is really kind. I am so glad he had a great Freshman year and cares about people.