Tell me something good about Fordham? and vs BU?

<p>So I've been looking at Fordham as a backup/match and the website and all the reading I've done on it makes it sound appealing. However I have heard bad things about it like the food/professors and whatnot from here on and Youtube (lol). I want to go into International Relations as well so if you're familiar with the school could you tell me a bit more about it? Also, how do you think it compares to BU in generally all aspects?</p>

<p>Fordham is a school some people love for its educational focus and location. Others find the location really scary. "It's in the Bronx. Didn't you see the movie Fort Apache?" I don't know which category you fall into. The campus is green, the city arboretum is one side, the Bronx zoo on another, little Italy on a third side, and a lively hispanic area on the fourth. Fordham Ram vans leave hourly for Lincoln Center downtown ... I think they're $2. Or you can take the train. Business and Humanities are respected majors. If you're serious about sciences you might be better off at another school.</p>

<p>Bottom Line: Visit. You'll have your answer in a couple hours.</p>

<p>Wow, thanks for the info! Very informative! And I wish I could visit except it's over 6 hours away (NE Ohio). And I love NYC, the Yankees and Giants are both my favorite teams when it comes to baseball and football and I think it'd be really awesome living in the city, except when I'm a bit older. Being an 18 year old girl (who looks 2-3 years younger so possibly an easy target?) on her own for the first time in NYC seems a little intimidating, not to be confused with scare. That's why I like the city of Boston so much, it seems more toned-down and college friendly yet it's still a big city. But I really do like what I'm seeing from Fordham and I love NYC, so I'm just trying to get a feel of what it's like.</p>

<p>either of u know about the psychology program of fordham?</p>

<p>hs, i feel the same way about boston being a possibly toned-down version of nyc, though (:</p>

<p>"That's why I like the city of Boston so much, it seems more toned-down and college friendly yet it's still a big city."</p>

<p>I think that's good insight. New York is definitely edgier than Boston, and Fordham is definitely edgier than BU. But I like edgy and I like a green campus and I like the spirited working class neighborhood around Fordham and I like the easy access to NYC. My D liked the place too, but she's a hard sciences type so no go. </p>

<p>theycallmeCC - no, I don't know about the psych program at Fordham ... sorry.</p>

<p>NewHope33, thanks a lot! I guess I'll have to apply to both and then visit both campuses/compare aid.</p>

<p>That sounds like a good plan to me. Good luck with all your applications!</p>

<p>Thanks! =)</p>