Tell me something good about MTU

<p>My son applied here as a financial safety and was accepted. I think it is a pretty good fit for him because he loves the outdoors. I know there are not a lot of girls here, but that is common for tech schools. And the remoteness isn't a big deal because of the airport being close. He is looking to get a degree in ChemE and probably a Masters in Materials. Looking for any constructive feedback, thanks.</p>

<p>If he loves snow and cold weather it is the perfect location.</p>

<p>My son applied and was accepted and was considering MTU however it’s not a financial safety since we live in Georgia and since he just got accepted to Georgia Tech it’s highly unlikely he will go to MTU. However, he did go to the summer youth program this last summer and really enjoyed it. He liked the size of the campus,the professors and current students that he met. One of my old bosses has a son that is up there. He started there as a undergrad and is currently getting his PHD. He said the professors are very helpful and his son has done a lot research. MTU has good Co op opportunites for the students that you might not find at a larger University. I also have a high school friend whose son is a freshman. She told me that MTU groups the freshman up based on major at the beginning of the year and they go some where and do some activities I think it was at the state park. Anyway it’s a good way for the freshman to meet each other and make friends since a lot of them don’t live in the UP. I think Michigan Tech has a lot of good qualities. The only negative that I’ve heard is that there seems to be more drinking up there.</p>

<p>MTU has good Co op opportunites for the students that you might not find at a larger University</p>

Could you give more details about this? Thx.</p>

<p>My son is just finishing his first semester at MTU. He had been at a large state school and didn’t do well at all. He did 3 semesters at CC and now is at MTU. To say he loves it is an understatement. He instantly bonded with the guys in his hall. Everyone works hard so he does too now. He grades are terrific. It has been a helpful environment for him to be in. There is a lot of snow and it is cold but he didn’t mind it. He was involved in the Winter Festival, has gone to the ski mountain nearby and went hiking before it got too snowy. He has enjoyed the smaller atmosphere and has gotten to know the profs unlike at his state school. I can’t say enough about how it has changed his outlook on school and his future. He had been so down about it before and now says he is giddy about what lies ahead of him.</p>

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