Tell me the truth-I can take it!

<p>psh... and you thought BUMP = Bring up my post. ha
how silly of you.
it most def stands for Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers
psh. you were waaaaay off. </p>

<p>and Beth, i think im going to start that thread, right before i go to bed of course</p>

<p>Good idea...that way we'll NEVER get to sleep</p>

<p>and BUMP is clearly Baltimore Urban Missions Project. </p>

<p>Is anyone here a member of the Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers?</p>

<p>ha, with this mono-esque thing, i might fall asleep typing mid word... how funny would thashatkdzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz</p>

<p>oh no, oh no, its most def Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers. and i was a member. for a day. it was too boring. so i joined the Boise Un-urban Mountain Pedalers. now thats hard core.</p>

<p>Hey, I have a question:
After you activate your account on, there's nothing more to do there, right? Because I've gone back, and you can't even get on it.</p>

<p>You get an account?? That's SOO MUCH FUN</p>