Tell me what you love about your school!

Hi guys I’ve been reading CC for awhile especially going through the application process but decided it’s finally time to join the discussions and create an account. For this application cycle I applied to Hotchkiss, Deerfield, Andover, Exeter, Taft, Choate, Emma Willard, Miss Porter’s, Hill, and NMH. While waiting for decisions I would love to hear what you love about the schools I applied to whether you are attending/attended or if it ranked high on your list of schools. Thanks in advance!

I’m hoping I can bump this up on the radar while we all wait for acceptances!

Well, I’m just an applicant, but I really love the huge library at Exeter (aaaaa just imagine all the BOOKS!) and the discussion based classes and of course the range of classes. It just seems so amazing!

Thank you so much for replying maybe it will help boost this thread especially with decisions coming soon! Yes the library at Exeter is amazing I would love to experience it!!