Tell Me What You Think of My Short Essay

<p>PROMPT: The philosopher Will Durant said, "Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." What do you hope your education will enable you to discover about your own ignorance?</p>

<pre><code>The light of a new day slowly dawned through my window pane as I contemplated the question at hand. This inquiry swirled around my mind for several hours yet I could not find the inspiration that would spark its fruition. Suddenly as the morning luminosity reached my face, it occurred to me: The whole process that I was undertaking answered this looming query for me. In a diminutive way I was battling my own ignorance in regards to the significance of this statement. At first glance I read the word “education” to mean something in the realm of textbooks and calculators, but in reality “education” meant something much more momentous, it meant life.
Education is a progressive discovery of life because the life we lead today is the obscure and somewhat ignorant older brother of the future. Thus, education is the catalyst for personal growth and mental clarity. With an adequate understanding of oneself and the application of the skills acquired through an educational institution it is inevitable that one’s “ignorance” will be discovered in retrospection, because as they say, “hindsight is always 20/20”.

Ignorance is unavoidable, that is a clear fact. If one’s individual ignorance is accepted, then it can be used to one’s advantage in the pursuit of self improvement and motivation. It is my belief that the ignorance of the present chisels the knowledge of the future. If the world had nothing to overcome or discover, then the knowledge of today would hardly be appreciated, in fact it would be worthless.
At Carolina I hope to hone my life skills in an effort to adequately employ my classical education to its utmost potential and surmount ignorance in an assortment of areas. As a student of life I hope to conquer that which eludes me while sharing my culture, vision and friendship with my peers in an effort to aid them in discovering their ignorance. My education at Carolina will not simply be four years; it will be a lifetime of discovery. Ignorance, like warm rays of sunshine in the early morning, modestly reminds you of the day ahead.