Tell me your CC story!

<p>Hi everyone! I just graduated and I got into a few UC's but what I really wanted was UCLA. </p>

<p>I would really appreciate it if you could tell me:
1) your stats from High School
2) your CC experience/stats and
3) which UC you got into.</p>

<p>Also, can you tell me if you think I'll be okay at CC If I do nothing but study.
My stats in HS:
1900 SAT
800 Math II
700 Bio E
3.55 GPA
AP scores: 5 in bio, 3 in AP language, 5 in calc ab, 4 in Econ AP, 5 in Gov AP.
EC: boyscouts, xc, track, stanford volunteer, guitar, part time job, asb leadership, club presidents.</p>

<p>thanks soo very much! =)</p>

<li><p>2.55 *weighted *GPA (received As in classes I was interested in, blew off the others, etc -- was in a few APs, as well), didn't take the SATs, involved in a large amount of community service clubs, JV tennis.</p></li>
<li><p>4.0 GPA, involved ECs relevant to my major.</p></li>

<p>wow taylor thats really impressive</p>

<li><p>stayed at home and played games. had a 3.66 unweighted tho. i wasn't stupid, just couldn't be bothered with stuff. just games and the web. got bored with games went to CC to past time.</p></li>
<li><p>low 3.9 people told me it was very low chance for haas. well i gave it a shot. had more unique ECs than the typical intern and business club president which everyone was crazy about LOL</p></li>
<li><p>hey guess what. i placed my bet on it and i got in =) USC is kinda expensive and whats with that uber late response</p></li>

<p>nice! I tried pretty hard to get the stats that I did in HS, but i can do much better I believe. anyone got any other stories? =)</p>

<p>1.) High School Stats: 2.3(weighted), President and Captain of Speech and Debate, numerous debate awards. 1560 on SAT(out of 2400). I really didn't try in high school, even during standardized tests--often filled in random bubbles. I only cared about debate and teaching debate.</p>

<p>2.) Community College: 3.67 (3.9ish if you replace a grade which the UC's did) something GPA, Campaign/Lobby Coordinator for an environmental group, Field Manager for that same group, Public Outreach Director for a different campaign. Oh and there were a couple of quarters where I took 30+ units(half the classes I didn't need, but they were very interesting so I took them). </p>

<p>3.) All the UC's (Cal, UCLA, UCSD, etc.) Going to Berkeley.</p>

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<p>1) 3.2 unweighted GPA in HS. 2100 SAT score, AP US History score 3, some volunteer EC's.</p>

<p>2) CC GPA is 3.92. Philosophy Major, honors and President's List of "Academic Excellence." A LOT of EC's with crazy volunteer hours.</p>

<p>3) Accepted to UCLA, UCB, UCSD and UCD. Will be attending UCLA !</p>

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<p>High School - 3.3 ... missed over 160 days of class and was considered a habitual truant , cops got involved so i took CHSPE and left....</p>

<p>CC- 3.54 + full time work in insurance company. No ECs but strange family situation</p>

<p>UCLA was first choice- thats where i went. ALso got into UCSB and UCSD.</p>

<p>/\ 20 days of absence a semester, not bad, not bad at all.</p>

<p>1) ~3.0 weighted- got good grades in honors & AP's an blew off electives and math :p
2) CC was certainly a growing experience. I went in with a plan= transfer to USC. 3.91 GPA
3)Going to USC.</p>

<p>The point is...
You have even better stats than I when I left HS. The honors and AP background will definately help you. Make up a plan and stick to it. There were times when I was frustrated because taking 6 or 7 classes a semester can be stressful.</p>

<p>CCC isn't too bad, you'll definately have time to immerse yourself in EC's and volunteer work if you want, just try to place high enough in English and Math placement tests and you'll save yourself a lot of time. Some people I know blew them off and spent a year catching up. Yikes!</p>

<p>P.s. UC's won't care about your SAT score when you transfer as a junior. :)</p>

<p>1) I can't remember since I graduated high school in 98, but...I was like 450 out of 650 students in my senior class. Went to CC for one year but was a major slacker and got an A, two F's and a W my first semester. I needed to do something different so I joined the Air Force as a firefighter, spent 3 1/2 of my 6 years in various places overseas, learned a lot. Best thing I've ever done. I now exist at a higher level.</p>

<p>2) 3.88 GPA. 53 units of A's, 7 units of B's</p>

<p>3) UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara (all I applied to). Attending UC Berkeley</p>

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<p>I can't remember High School (in New York) - I did okay but didn't apply to college straightaway...</p>

<p>Community College - GPA 4.0, accepted to Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCI, and UCSC. Going to UCI.</p>

berkeley econ</p>

<p>poster, is ur name david?</p>

<p>1)dropped out of highschool. took my ged.
2)*<strong><em>ed around for 2 years before i got my *</em></strong> together and got a 3.9 in another 2 years was finished with cc.
3)accepted everywhere except berk... attending ucla... community college is a joke</p>

<p>Beardy- I meant in one year ;)</p>

<p>20 a semester will not make you a habitual truant. I missed 160 days during sophmore year.</p>

<p>/\ I don't know whether to clap or slap you..</p>

<p>guitarfrk123- Hardly anyone is doing any more than just posting their stats. </p>

<p>If "all you do is study" you will be more than FINE. It really is all about time management and being strategic about what combination of classes you take. What is your major? If it's something like econ please do NOT try to take all the pre-requisities in one semester. It adds a lot of stress and the result may be a lower GPA.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about how much you know about community college but if you truly are mega obsessed with UCLA and your major is impacted, consider joining the TAP (Honors) Program at your college. Usually this will provie alittle edge with college admissions but in the case that you are rejected from your first choice, it will also make UCLA consider you or you second choice, a unique feature for participants only. </p>

<p>Use this course guide as your ultimate source to decide which classes to take...
Welcome</a> to ASSIST</p>

<p>And go in knowing your chances...
UCLA</a> Undergrad Admissions: Profile of Admitted Transfer Students by Major, Fall 2008</p>

<p>Hope this helps! :)</p>