tell us something you do for the pleasure of it

<p>In my spare time, I like to build curcuits. I use my electronics kit with a built-in 9V breadboard because my mom doesnt like the idea of a young teenager w/ a soldering iron. When I have the time I can spend hours building circuits. Will writing about building circuits make me look like i'm trying to so to speak "say what i think the admissions officers want to hear"? Or should I name something else I like to do for fun and just steer clear of the topic?</p>

<p>Sounds like a good start to that essay prompt. </p>

<p>Honesty is extremely important in the application process. Answer that question honestly. The admissions officers really do want to know something that you do for the pleasure of it. If I recall correctly, that was the easiest question for my daughter to answer on that application. Good luck with the process.</p>