Telling Friends

<p>How are you guys going to break the news to your friends? I've been keeping this a secret for months and I'm worried that one or two may not take it so well.</p>

<p>I, to, am really nervous about telling my friends. Has anyone had experence with friends getting jealous or other kids being mean? Any ideas for how to tell them?</p>

<p>I have not told a lot of my friends but the few that I have told responded quite well. Actually, a few of them found my leaving inspirational and are actually now in the process of transferring as well. You may be surprised as to how understanding the people who care about you actually will be. Good luck!</p>

<p>I didn't hide it at all through the whole process. Waiting for the letters was even more nervewracking because of this</p>

<p>I was thoroughly surprised when I made it my facebook status. Everyone I knew said congrats and whenever i saw them throughout the campus of my school they said congrats. They took it very well and were truly happy for me :D</p>

<p>However, like one person out of a 100 said I was leaving them and if NYU wasn't good enough lol, but I explained the school I got into was my dream school and all was well. </p>

<p>Don't hold back the knowledge, do tell :D</p>

<p>Yeah it's kinda bittersweet, but the net emotion is: Happy! :D</p>

<p>I wish I had friends at my current university or in general =(. My family/general acquaintances didn't really care either way.</p>

<p>^ Aw, cheer up! You can only move up if you pick a better environment for you. :)</p>

<p>Bumping this thread because I need some advice!</p>

<p>I've finally decided to transfer, but I don't know how to go about notifying my closest friends since we're all home now and I can't break the news in person. Do I tell them over the phone? Send a letter? Facebook message? I don't know what to do....</p>

<p>I too thought this would be tough to do but most (if not all) of my friends were happy for me, none of them certainly took the news badly. </p>

<p>I would tell your closest friends in person, if you can, if not, call them.
I also sent my close profs letters followed up by emails.</p>

<p>Make it clear to them that transferring is not anything personal against your friends. You gotta do what's best for you, and friends are usually understanding of that. There's a possibility I might be transferring to a peer school of Rice, and all of my friends, when I told them that I got into the school, said they would support me regardless whether I stay or leave.</p>

<p>i haven't heard back from my college yet, but I'm a bit antsy as well if the new is any good. some of them seemed so disappointed when i told them i was even applying.</p>


<p>Don't feel so down and out. That's why I transfered- I didn't have many friends, and the ones I did have were very cliquey.</p>

<p>I actually left my school the first week of classes in the spring semester. The night before I had called my mom, bawling, for the zillionth time and she asked if I wanted to transfer. I wasn't sure, but the next day (without my knowledge) she had made a ton of calls to my school, asking if she could still get the money back if I withdrew that day. They said yes, so she called me and told me, and I decided to just up and leave. Only one friend of mine actually knew I was doing this since he was at lunch with me while my mom called. He was sad, but he understood my reasons.</p>

<p>By the time I was completely withdrawn, I needed to get back to my room and start packing because my parents were picking me up that night. My 'friends' were shocked, but to avoid a huge confrontation (we were all roommates), I told them I wasn't happy and it was too expensive to stay there for what I was getting out of it.</p>

<p>The next week, they found out that they were the real reason I left. Needless to say, they didn't take it well. Instead of apologizing (one of my guy friends to whom I had told the truth, told them) for being ****ty friends, they instead turned around and started spreading horrible rumors about me. They went to virtually every person I was friendly with, and tried to turn them against me.</p>

<p>Luckily for me, these people knew me well enough to know that I'm not the backstabbing type, and would immediately call me or Facebook me, telling me exactly what they said.</p>

<p>Now, my old 'friends' are trying to repair the broken relationship we had...I think they don't know that I know what they were saying about me.</p>

<p>I guess the moral of the story is this: Even if your transfering causes a big ruckus, and people get furious with you, you're the one that is leaving and you will never have to see these people again. Your real friends at your university will understand why you left, and that you will find much more happiness at the place you're transfering too.</p>

<p>It's okay to have people mad at you because you're going off to bigger and better things. While most people will be happy for you, not everyone is going to be.</p>

<p>And honestly, the anticipation is far worse than the actual deed of telling people that you're leaving, especially now since you won't have to tell them in person.</p>

<p>wow...that sucks</p>

<p>Yeah, it definitely sucked at the time, but they weren't real friends to me. I only stay in touch with about four people from my old school, and now I realize that they were really the only friends I had there.</p>

<p>Now I'm in at NYU though, and I'm ecstatic and looking forward to studying abroad in the fall!!</p>

<p>All things have a way of working out in the end. :D</p>

<p>"and if they are still not working out, you have not yet reached the end"</p>