Temple Financial Aid+Scholarships

<p>I've started looking into Temple University due to the President's Scholarship. When I run the estimated cost calculator, it shows that I might receive a $8200 institutional grant from Temple, without the scholarship being applied. Does Temple calculate financial aid before or after a school-based scholarship (like the Presidential) is applied? If my total cost (OoS) is $42000 before the scholarship, and $18000 after the scholarship, will I receive financial aid based on my pre-scholarship total or post-scholarship total? </p>

<p>Before it's asked, I did email the SFS office and got a generic "Apply, submit your FAFSA. and then you'll know." type answer. I figured CC, after seeing all of the people excited about the scholarship, would have an answer. </p>

<p>Thank you all for your assistance! </p>

<p>i will send you a pm </p>

@ctl987 Hi, I am wondering about the same thing as the OP. Could you send me a pm if you have any information about this? Thank you!

(Sorry for reviving an old thread. I was googling about this and the thread came up in the results)