Temple-National reputation?

Hi - my daughter is deciding between Temple & Colorado State.

We are from near Philly so very familiar with Temple.

Does it have national recognition? She’s thinking about jobs or grad school after undergrad.

I can’t tell. It’s not actually listed in Fiske’s College Guide!

Thanks much for any thoughts!!

Temple is well recognized. Studying there will not keep her out of any particular job or grad school.

Thanks, happymomof1! I appreciate it.

It’s about $5k more a year than
Colorado State. Trying to figure it all out…!

Wait, Colorado State would be cheaper than Temple instate?
Are you sure - look at the NET COST line.

Sorry I wasn’t clear - we are OOS for both.

D got $10k scholarship at CSU just $5k at Temple (which is higher to start)…(even factoring in plane fare to CO I think Temple’s a bit more).

Does she have an instate option?
I wouldn’t pay OOS fees for either one in this economic situation.
Roughly speaking they’re both equivalent academically but there are lots of excellent universities that are equivalent to these, too.

Thanks MYO

Her instate options are $34k (flagship), $26k, & $27k. So not really that much less than about $35k for Colorado.

That’s a terrific scholarship - and those are rare from Colorado (make sure renewal is guaranteed).
Ok, I assume she likes Colorado better than her instate flagship? Are you conservative/evangelical Christian (she’d have a very welcoming environment),
or is she interested in specific majors?
Did she get into the honors college anywhere?


Those are good and interesting questions! She is actually not religious nor conservative. Is that a big thing at CSU? Did not know that.

She was actually glad it’s not the party school of CU Boulder (they are $15k more expensive so we couldn’t swing that). But was wondering about the “fun” aspect. This is new info!!

She does not like any instate schools and particularly dislikes the flagship (I tried!!).

She was invited to CSU’s honors program - applied late and we are waiting to hear.

Major-undecided. Wants to go to law school & has no interest in bio, pre-vet or other well-known CSU majors. The liberal arts dept really recruited her at a visit - maybe because they are building their dept??

Now wondering.

CSU is in-between Denver/Boulder/Aspen and Grand Junction/Colorado Springs culturally.
It has a definite “independent” culture (libertarian conservative) combined with more “Christian” value systems than Boulder (very independent, very not “Christian”) but it’s not Colorado Springs either (evangelical). It’s all relative and in the liberal arts it should not be marked one way or the other. Make no mistake it’s a “fun” school too but the vibe is different from Boulder.
For law school, university and major don’t matter, although a major that requires to read carefully, think rigorously, and write a lot, helps (so, English, Philosophy, Economics/BA, Political science/government, foreign language&culture… or a combination major/minor among those or a “studies” minor ie. gender studies, African American studies… or business).
The Honors college is a big perk, because it’s well-organized, with lots of honors seminars and honors classes to take. Academic village is really nice.

MYOS - wow, I just saw this post, thank you for the info!! Much appreciated!!

D just got turned down for honors (she applied 2 months after deadline, so not surprising!).

She is still leaning to CSU - in large part over Boulder b/c of the cost - $35k a year vs. about $50k (plus more $$ housing in Boulder).

D does like art a lot - she’s studied one discipline for 11 years and we will be talking to some arts folks there (and at her second choice school) this week to see about opportunities to take classes/be involved even if she is not an art major.

Again -appreciate your input!

Without honors it’d change things - although does this apply to CSU, Temple, or both?
(Has she gotten into honors anywhere?)
I agree Boulder for that much isn’t worth it, even though it’s a great campus and university!

MYOS- no honors at CSU or Temple (invited to apply at CSU but did not decide she wanted to - and get to it! - until a full two months after the deadline!). I’m look at this as a life lesson on the importance of deadlines!

She’s been invited to apply to honors (usually just needs a few more essays) at a couple of of schools. She was put off (despite my encouragement!) because of a desire to keep a high undergrad gpa for law school and thought honors would be harder.

Why do you think it changes things?

Nervous now since she’s leaning to CSU and I told her there are ways other than honors to get some small class experience and engaged with others… I hope that’s right!!

Honors students in honors tend to have higher grades in their honors classes than in their non honors classes, in part because honors classes fit their way of learning better (more critical thinking less checking you memorized the important stuff, more discussion fewer multiple choice tests), in part because they’ve already been preselected so there’s no intra “weedout”. In addition, because they can register early, they can pick the times where they learn best and avoid terrible professors (of which there are in every university). Finally, because the classes are smaller, the professors can write meaningful letters of recommendation, point them to opportunities that fit them, etc.

Thank you, MYOS!

I wish I had those arguments a few months ago for my D!

She’s down to the wire to CSU & Temple with no honors in either. Do you think that makes a difference in the school choice? CSU said she could apply for honors sophomore year.

I was in the honors program years and years ago at my college. It was nice but not a huge difference - but that was at a small LAC.

It’s different at LACs because classes are small and there’s close follow up for all students.
She’s not been admitted to any honors college?
I would absolutely not recommend Temple without it since in addition to the usual perks at Temple Honors students have 4 years of housing guaranteed. Other students don’t - as a result, thy have to find their own housing. As much as the campus is safe and the city is fine, too, roaming around the neighborhood isn’t ok. I guess with the patrol service ( a student walks with you wherever you live to make sure you’re not mugged) it’s ok but some students find it cumbersome or for whatever reason don’t use it, which is begging for trouble.

OP; Your daughter’s thoughts about lower GPAs for honors students is incorrect.

Not sure, but I thought that Temple offers some special majors in art.

Hi - thank you both MYOS & Publisher! The honors college is a moot point (unfortunately!) now since she has refused to apply to the invites at a few other colleges (w/the added essay) and she has 2 more days to decide between Colorado State & Temple. No honors invite from Temple & she missed the deadline (so shut out) of CSU honors program.

So, for better or worse she 's looking at being a ‘regular’ student at CSU or Temple. We live near Philly and know a bunch of kids who’ve gone to (& enjoyed Temple). Just a little hesitant 'cause it’s different, safety-wise, than the green hills of Colorado. :slight_smile: Plus it’s $5k more per year at Temple.

Appreciate any added thoughts as we stumble to the finishing line on this marathon…

Well then, if it’s cheaper, and it’s her favorite… CSU it is… right?