Temple University Application on Hold

I applied to Temple in October, and I just checked the status of my application and they said it would be on hold until April. I’m really surprised by this because I have a 1250 SAT and my gpa weighted is a 94 (idk what that is on a 4.0 scale). I also applied to be a nursing major, in case that makes a difference. Does anyone know why this happened or what I should do?

That’s really weird!
I assume that is kind of like a deferral. They think you’re good enough, but want to wait to see what other applicants have to offer before giving you a spot. It could’ve happened for a few reasons, but I think it might be partly because they are getting less applicants than usual (with covid, many people are applying later than previous years).

As for what you should do, there probably isn’t much. You could reach out to them and ask what you can do. Should you send them your mid year grades? Maybe an updated activity list?
Reaching out to admissions is usually the best thing you can do, and I find that a phone call is the most efficient and accurate way to figure things out.

Yeah that seems right. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just say it’s a deferral but oh well. honestly it wasn’t my top choice so i’m not getting too worried over it. But thank you so much !

My daughter got the same message for nursing on hold until April. She did however get into university of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh campus and several other nursing schools (all of which gave her substantial scholarships and access to the honors college) her ACT was 31 and w GPA 3.98