Temple University Nursing Apps for CO'21

Hi all! Posting this forum for people like me who are nervously waiting for a decision from Temple University for Nursing. Feel free to share your stats, decisions and any questions so we can keep the thread circulating. Good luck to all :slight_smile:

Here are mine:
UW gpa: 3.89 W gpa: 3.93
2 Honors in junior and senior year and 1 Ap in senior year (school doesn’t offer many ap and honors options unfortunately… rut roh)
EC: Chess Club, Environmental Science Club, Youth leader, volunteer / Achievements: Visual Arts 1 Award 2017, Artistic Integrity Award 2018
Temple option- all my sats got cancelled due to covid :confused: hopefully that doesn’t affect my chances or that’ll stink lol
Applied EA on 10/27 and application status is “complete and ready to be reviewed”

Cool! I will share mine as well.
I am an international student and I applied EA on November 1st. My status is also “complete ready for review”

From 9th to 11th grade 1st semester, I studied in non-US curriculum schools. I started attending US curriculum school since 11th grade 2nd semester.

GPA: 3.6 UW (Different curriculum where GPA doesn’t matter). Currently on track to getting 4.5 W gpa for this semester.

SAT: 1480 (Took the December 5th SAT as well, currently waiting for the score.)

AP/Honors: 1 AP (5) in my junior year, 4 APs in my senior year.
(My previous schools (9th-11th grade 1st semester) did not offer any honors or AP classes)

Major ECs : Animal shelter volunteer (100+ hours), Travel(cultural) club, gardening club.

Academic excellence award in social studies and Home tech/economics - 10th grade
Academic excellence award in environmental science - 11th grade

What I am concerned about is that I couldn’t take biology or chemistry classes (long story). Also, my gpa is relatively low and I don’t have any ECs that are related to nursing. Still, I hope I get to see all of you guys at Temple next year!!! Good luck!!