Temple vs UMass Dartmouth for Electrical Engineering

Does anyone have some information on Temple vs UMass Dartmouth for Electrical Engineering? Because of COVID, we have not been able to tour, ask questions, etc. Thanks.

Engineering education at ABET acredited schools (which both of these are for EE) is very similar no matter where you go. There are a few ultra-prestigious schools such as Caltech/Stanford/MIT, but most fall into a broad middle range as viewed by prospective employers. A few engineering program such as Northeastern have strong coop programs but neither of these pair is noted for it.

The big differentiator in outcomes for engineers isn’t the school but what the student does. Good grades? Internships? Participation in clubs or contests related to engineering? Grades and then internships are the most important.

One thing your child could try is to contact a few engineers at each school to have a Zoom conversation. Most colleges have facebook or other online contact info for their clubs so if he contacted someone in engineering clubs he may be able to find a few kids that would have 15-30 minutes to chat in order to get first-hand impressions.

Thanks so much for your helpful response.