Temporary Housing?

<p>So I got accepted today and decided to apply for housing ASAP, I applied for the modular halls, and i checked my email and they sent me a message saying "You are being offered a 'Temporary Housing assignment' at this time." im kinda sketched out by this, should i change my housing prefrences or will i get a room eventually?</p>

<p>Looks like you are near the top of waiting list, so you will most likely (or i would carefully say definitely) get a room eventually. reason why i say this is that my friend just committed to A&M just 2 weeks ago and she was able to get regular housing. So i guess this temporary housing list has just been up for 1 week.</p>

<p>Temporary housing are spots that are transformed into temporary dorm rooms - like the study room/ shared living room type areas(with doors) or adding a bed to a two person room to make it a three. You’ll have access to a bathroom with shower. Then as they confirm that people did not fill their room assignment, you will be assigned a permanent room. Some people come off the list before school starts, some a week or so after school starts. Some people do not cancel their housing & just are no shows or alternatively some are denied admission due to something like not keeping good grades (yes, this happens).</p>

<p>Is there anyway to call to see how far down the waiting list I am?</p>