<p>I was really interested in applying for TEMS. Can you be a freshman and apply for TEMS (Tulane Emergency Medical Services)? I know that the deadline was in April, but I was just curious. ALso, do you apply every year or every semester?</p>

<p>Anyone can apply for TEMS as long as they can work for 4 semesters, so I would say that the majority of the applicants are freshman. They accept new members for fall and spring semesters so I have friends who got rejected in the fall and then reapplied in the spring. If you are going to apply, prepare yourself for a really difficult interview process. keep in mind that TEMS may have 100+ applicants for 4 or 5 spots so its really competitive</p>

<p>Yes, TEMS is a wonderful opportunity, and mcel123 described the process well. There are a series of interviews that the applicants go through, and you can apply each semester. If accepted there is a training component and a large time committment, but its worth it, from what I hear! Good luck.</p>