Tennessee Application Status Email

Hi! I just received an email from UT saying my application review process is 75% done. I am getting very anxious!! Did anyone else receive this email and if so how long was it after you received the email until you heard back?

We did not get that email but my daughter applied on 10/12 and found out today she was admitted.

Good luck! I hope you find out soon.

Have you found out yet? I got that email too on the same day.

I have not heard back yet:(

My son got the email on the 6th so not it probably could take another few weeks

I got this email today. Has anyone heard back yet? I’m just trying to get an estimate on how long the wait will be. I applied 10/30.

Received the Acceptance email yesterday-11/13,.
Applied 10/30

Congrats jg! What’d you apply for?

Business TY